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We and our colleagues believe in making an impact.

We do business across Wisconsin and a number of other states. Each year we try to make a positive impact on the general health and wellbeing of those living in the communities in which we do business. Our colleagues volunteer their time to various area groups. The agency provides donations and volunteer time to nonprofit organizations and larger projects related to health, wellbeing, and education.

The Plaza - Downtown Rhinelander Green Space

The Plaza green space in Downtown Rhinelander, on the corner of North Brown & Rives Streets, was formerly an underutilized parking lot in need of repaving. After much planning, the beautiful park, lighting, and redesigned parking areas were completed. Diel Insurance Group was one of the major donors to the project, along with many volunteer hours by Brian Diel (the Downtown Rhinelander Inc. president at the time) during the inception and progression of the park construction.

Many groups and local area businesses worked with the City of Rhinelander and Downtown Rhinelander Inc. to secure funding and helping hands to get this beautiful project completed. The Master Gardener Group spends time each year pruning and sprucing up the space. This project not only made an impact of the look of the Downtown, but more importantly it provided a welcoming space for both visitors and those working downtown, to relax and recharge. Stop and spend some time there soon!

Memorial Park Renovation

In 2015, Memorial Park in Niagara, Wisconsin, needed many updates. Budgets were tight for the city government due the closing of the paper mill a few years prior. It was the largest employer in this community of about 1600 residents.

Brian Diel worked to create a community, business, and city government partnership to raise funds for the revitalization of the park. The generosity of donors, and volunteers from local businesses and groups made the renovation a success!

Improvements included sidewalks for safer walking and wheelchair use, accessible playground equipment, bench seating, and a new bridge over a creek near a small trail. The first phase of the project was completed in 2017. Shortly after that, a small basketball court/skateboard surface was paved. The final phase, an accessible restroom serving the park and nearby baseball field, is scheduled for completion in 2021. The park project was dedicated to Harold & Gracie Kinzinger.

Diel Insurance Group Garden Space

During the Plaza construction, new curbing and paving allowed us to create a garden area along our private parking area where before had been a cement filled boulevard. It covers approximately 200 square feet and is home to small birds, rabbits, butterflies, bees, and other little creatures. Monarchs appear annually, lay eggs and later emerge from their chrysalis. Birds enjoy the birdbath, and occasionally rabbits will nest in the tall grass. It is an effort to bring a bit of Northwoods meadow into downtown. The impact of this smaller project was realized quite quickly with the return of many beneficial creatures enjoying a safe place to live. With the former parking lot being silent for decades, it is refreshing to see nesting birds and hear them singing in the morning.

Diel Insurance Group - Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Continuous efforts are made to lessen our impact on the environment. Recent improvements to the office building have further reduced our energy and water use. This was accomplished by sealing air leaks, properly insulating roof spaces, updating to efficient air conditioning and water heating systems, and using energy saving devices and lighting. Redesigned work processes have greatly reduced the need for paper and excess electronics. Most of our colleagues work from home offices, reducing the use of a vehicle. Recycling of any wastepaper, cans/bottles, electronics, and other items is a continuing practice. Small changes can make a big impact in the overall health of the Earth!

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